Aug 24, 2023
5 min read

How to get into IT and where to learn programming?

Many companies provide special internships for those who do not have experience, but want to get it. To participate in this program, you need to go through several stages:

– technical test;

– English proficiency test;

– technical interview.

These programs often have a very large flow of people. The company will consider you if you write a good technical test. We will tell you how to prepare for it by analyzing two large IT companies. And if you want an example of tests that come across, then write, we will definitely send you an example of tests. Tests are divided into:

– theory;

– finding an error in the code;

– binary, decimal and hexadecimal system;

– what will display a piece of code;

– practical task (for example, write a calculator)

Often these companies use special sites to create such tests:

Also, additional resources for learning will help you, this is the well-known Udemy portal – an education portal that offers thousands of courses on various topics. There are many paid and free courses on the platform.

JavaRush is an online service for learning programming in a playful way.

LeetCode is a website where you can practice solving programming problems and prepare for technical interviews.
Coursera, BitDegree, Code Academy – offer online courses.
HtmlAcademy will also help you – a platform through which you can learn how to create and program modern web skills.

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