Mar 7, 2024
5 min read

Compensation and benefits in IT. What salaries and “perks” do IT companies offer in Ukraine?

The IT industry in Ukraine is one of the highest paying ones. Companies offer competitive compensation and various benefits to attract top professionals. Let’s look at the main trends in the remuneration of IT specialists.

IT salaries far exceed national averages. According to recruitment agencies, the average salary for a developer in Kyiv is $2,000-3,500 net. For experienced professionals, this amount can reach $5,000-7,000 or more.

In addition to financial compensation, IT companies offer a variety of benefits. The most common ones:

– Payment for training, courses, conferences
– Additional health insurance
– Gym, sports subscriptions
– Flexible schedule and ability to work remotely
– Free food and snacks in the office
– Paid vacation and sick leave
– Corporate transport or travel expense reimbursement
– Bonuses and incentives

So, IT companies are willing to invest in the professional development and comfort of their employees. The IT market is extremely competitive, so professionals can expect decent compensation for their work.

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