Feb 22, 2024
4 min read

The recruitment process in IT. How to get a job in an IT company: features of the hiring process

The IT industry in Ukraine is actively developing and has high demand for qualified specialists. However, the hiring process in tech companies has its own peculiarities. Let’s look at the main stages and nuances of getting a job in IT.

First, you need to find relevant vacancies. It is best to look for them on specialized resources such as DOU, DJinni, Work.ua, LinkedIn. Many IT companies also post ads on their own websites.

Secondly, carefully study the requirements of the vacancy and make sure that your experience and skills meet the employer’s expectations.

Thirdly, prepare a resume and cover letter tailored to a specific vacancy. Talk about your projects and achievements using keywords from the job description.

Fourth, be prepared to complete test assignments and several interview stages. IT companies check not only technical skills (hard skills), but also personal qualities (soft skills).

Fifth, show that you are interested specifically in this company during the interview. Ask questions about corporate culture, technology stack, career growth prospects.

So the main thing in the IT hiring process is to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the position and motivation to work specifically for the chosen company.

Value your time and experience, and you will definitely find your dream job!

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